From Zero to B2 in Spanish

Two years ago I had to decide where to go on Erasmus. I’ve always liked learning languages and I studied English and German in high school. There were no options for English-speaking countries, so I was going to choose Germany. It would have made perfect sense to revise German, but in the end I changed my plans. I decided on Spain and had to learn a completely new language from scratch. And that’s how the great Spanish adventure began.
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Erasmus #7: After

It has been 2 weeks since I came back from Madrid. Now I can conclude that it was the best semester in my life. I miss all my friends and the places where we used to go together. I find it unusual that I have no difficulty understanding people in the street when they speak fast. I find it unusual that I can ask for something in a store or in a restaurant in Slovak. The first time I came to a local store in Slovakia I almost greeted them with ‘¡Hola!’. I find it unusual that I don’t use the Metro any more. It’s also a little bit colder. The same way I had to get used to Madrid, now I’m getting used to Žiar nad Hronom and Bratislava. I don’t compare them, because I love them all. I love all the places where I live.

Erasmus #6: Madrid

I love Madrid. So full of people, parks, buildings, clubs, bars, churches and everything you can imagine. It offers all kinds of possibilities and so many awesome people live there. Well, maybe sometimes it seemed too big (because of the distances and all the promoters, beggars and sellers in the streets), but it’s the place where I have spent four and a half months of my life. And I love every place where I have lived and I love Madrid.
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Spanish Domains in 2013

I’m currently studying for one semester in Spain. A new country means inspiration and new interesting projects. However, all the ideas I had turned out to be not feasible enough to work on (government data mashups, learning platforms, coloquial dictionaries, vocabulary trainers, drinking games, …). Neither had I spare time for inventing applications. So I decided to use a simple technology I had originally created to detect frameworks, CMSs, javascript libraries, web servers and programming languages of Slovak domains. I have prepared statistics of Spanish domains. I hope someone (maybe you?) finds them useful.
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Erasmus #2: Synchronizing

The story continues… Just after arriving at the Madrid airport on Thursday, we were picked by a friend and set out to explore the city. We had already been theoretically prepared for loud people and parties everywhere. However, the reality extended our imagination. Full streets on thursday night, people so loud in a pub, that you can merely get a single word of what your friend is saying and the first almost sleepless night because of the noise in the street.
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