Researcher Modeling in Personalized Digital Library

Recently I finished my studies at STU FIIT. If you are interested in my master’s thesis, let me know. I’ve finished the project. I hope someone ever finds it useful.


Digital libraries are crucial resources for researchers regardless of their fields of study. In order to deal with the amount of information in digital libraries and to improve the researcher’s experience, many parts of the digital library can be personalized. Digital library applications provide various user features and collect diverse metadata about documents. We propose a researcher model (user model for a digital library) that comprises all types of user and domain data available in digital libraries. All the researcher’s interactions along with all relevant content metadata are extracted from the digital library data model to graph relations. Higher-level relations are deduced from the extracted relations. The final relation is a representation of the researcher’s interests in the digital library. Exact composition of relations and entities inside the graph and other parameters are adjusted for the requirements of each digital library. The researcher model is a vector of terms from outside, but a graph inside, whereby the components of the model are reusable and the model is flexible and extensible. We realize the researcher model in the Annota digital library. We evaluate the researcher model by determining correlation between the researcher model terms and what the researchers perceive themselves as their research interests.


Enjoy reading 🙂
Researcher Modeling in Personalized Digital Library


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