Erasmus #6: Madrid

I love Madrid. So full of people, parks, buildings, clubs, bars, churches and everything you can imagine. It offers all kinds of possibilities and so many awesome people live there. Well, maybe sometimes it seemed too big (because of the distances and all the promoters, beggars and sellers in the streets), but it’s the place where I have spent four and a half months of my life. And I love every place where I have lived and I love Madrid.

I have been thinking how to show you all the places I love the most or find important. I decided to create a map. The dark blue route is a one-day walking tour around Madrid (let me know if you make it in one day 🙂 ). Other places are sights, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.

I used to take a picture now and then using my phone. Try to enjoy them 🙂

In Spain you usually get a piece of tapas with every beer you order. Tapas can be anything – bocadillo (piece of bread with something inside), baguette, hamburger, ham, chorizo (kind of salami), chips, etc. The size also varies. My favorite places for beers and tapas are Museo del Jamón, Cien Montaditos and El Tigre.


I also tried cooking some food myself, as I had a fully-equiped kitchen in the flat. Tortilla de Patatas and Ensalada Rusa turned out to be easy to prepare and delicious.



The national sport in Spain is football. I couldn’t miss two opportunities to see a football match – Barcelona vs. Getafe and Real Madrid vs. Celtic Vigor.


A usual Friday in the center (at Sol). On the New Year’s Eve you wouldn’t fit to the square.


When garbage collectors are on strike.


Hiking from Cercedilla.



And finally my school – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Facultad de Informática. I met many great people here – schoolmates, teachers, canteen staff, …


I will miss Madrid. All the friends, our cute flat in Legazpi, jogging in Madrid Río and all the clubs and restaurants.

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