Erasmus #1: Take off

When some schoolmates finished their applications for the Erasmus programme last year, I became interested in experiencing one semester of my studies in a foreign country as well. However, it was one day before the deadline and I had already missed my application. Fortunately, I got one last chance this year.

I could have chosen Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden or Turkey, but I decided for Spain. I want to learn Spanish language, as it is the second most natively-spoken language in the world (thanks to the spanish conquistadores). Spanish culture has also been somehow more appealing to me recently. I hope it will stay so after I will have spent 5 months in Spain 🙂

I have arranged everything I needed or at least I think so.

  • Signatures of 7 professors at FIIT that they approve acquiring credits for their courses at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • All the other Erasmus paperwork, certificates and transcripts.
  • Flight to Madrid.
  • Accommodation in Madrid.
  • Travel insurance.

Tomorrow I am flying to Madrid. I have already learned some basic Spanish (you can expect a brief post on the topic including comparison of Spanish and Latin as soon as I have spare time for a bit of comparative linguistics research). I have assigned myself under a secret mission to infiltrate among aboriginal madrileños and will report on the progress. Stay tuned.

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