From Zero to B2 in Spanish

Two years ago I had to decide where to go on Erasmus. I’ve always liked learning languages and I studied English and German in high school. There were no options for English-speaking countries, so I was going to choose Germany. It would have made perfect sense to revise German, but in the end I changed my plans. I decided on Spain and had to learn a completely new language from scratch. And that’s how the great Spanish adventure began.
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Erasmus #7: After

It has been 2 weeks since I came back from Madrid. Now I can conclude that it was the best semester in my life. I miss all my friends and the places where we used to go together. I find it unusual that I have no difficulty understanding people in the street when they speak fast. I find it unusual that I can ask for something in a store or in a restaurant in Slovak. The first time I came to a local store in Slovakia I almost greeted them with ‘¡Hola!’. I find it unusual that I don’t use the Metro any more. It’s also a little bit colder. The same way I had to get used to Madrid, now I’m getting used to Žiar nad Hronom and Bratislava. I don’t compare them, because I love them all. I love all the places where I live.